Experienced and ambitious individuals work together to creat innovative and smart solutions.

We constantly work on implementing new technologies and methods and engage our full competencies. We build the climate and culture of innovation to build a better world. We continue to thrive, respect our values and we know our team is our greatest asset.

We solve your access-to-talent concern by gathering the best engineers and experts specializing in Web, Cloud, Mobile, digital and desktop software development on all major platforms. Under Agile Principles, Individual dedication along with team work is our key to success. 


Wide range of solutions. Our experts Develop high quality products based on market’s needs.

IOT (Internet Of Things)

 Internet of things is the life changing phenomenon in our world of today. Our team of specialists and developers are now working on a platform to make your vehicle smart! Stay tuned!

Game Studio

Professionals get together here to convert their amazing, creative ideas into high quality games.

Game Center

platform designed to work as a game center where users can view games, install and play.


 Strong management panel, Mobile and search engine compatible are some of the advantages of our content management services. IT specialists and developers, IOS and Android, web, Back End and system architects work together using SQL, Net, Asp, Android Studio and swift to ensure the high quality of our service.


The need for Location Based Services is increasing along with Smartphones popularity in today’s world. Therefore, we gathered specialists to develop location Based platforms. We are currently working on 2 different projects.


 Agile project teams, working in focused sprints to constantly deliver quality products. We use Scrum, an iterative form of Agile to better deal with complicated matters, obstacles and to improve our process. Designs, prototypes and working builds are continuously reviewed and refined.

Corporate Culture

Personal and professional growth along with organizational development is our core culture. Silicon is a team-oriented environment in which each person is motivated to realize their dream and to achieve the company’s goals.

Helen Zong

Most trusted source of information and excellent service.

John Anderson

Great Management and professional design is what you should expect from Silicon Solutions.

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